We could do this everywhere.
But we decided consciously to bring this conference to a place like Bad Ragaz.

Being away from a vibrant city, away from the fast moving life we’re living usually and the to do’s pushing us through the day was a clear decision for us.
Let us enjoy we-time, surrounded by stunning nature!

The true source or health & vitality.
The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is centered around a bathing and spa tradition spanning hundreds of years. This has evolved in a unique combination of their own thermal spring, holistic medical expertise and everything a five-star luxury resort has to offer. Here you will find the space to breathe. The Grand Resort will give you the space to evaluate your lifestyle and help you to live a fulfilling, healthy and long life.

The Grand Resort will accompany you on your journey to a healthy you with outstanding medical care and the greatest level of service and attention

Grand Resort
Bad Ragaz
Bernhard-Simonstrasse 20
7310 Bad Ragaz