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John Strelecky (USA), Author of „Cafe on the Edge of the World“ & „The Big Five for Life“

John Strelecky was born and grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. As a youngster, he dreamed of being an adventurer and traveling the world. For almost a decade, he held two and three jobs at a time–trying to make enough money to pay for training to become a pilot.

After attending Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and working for two years, his dream was suddenly and permanently taken away because of a rare medical condition.
In an attempt to chart a new path for his life, he applied to the prestigious Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University. He was denied due to– “a lack of significant work experience.”

After writing a “You have got to be f*cking kidding me” letter to the admissions office, in which he vented his life’s frustrations, he spent the next six months trying to find some sort of footing.
To his amazement, at the end of the six months, he received a letter telling him he’d been admitted to the program for that fall.

At the age of 32, after spending several years in high-stress, high profile, long hour jobs, he left his “normal” life to finally follow his dream of traveling the world.
The overall consensus from peers was he was “crazy.” Despite that, he embarked on a year long backpacking adventure around the globe.

It was a year that would change his life forever, as he immersed himself in the people, places, and animals he had always dreamed of seeing. For the first time in his life, he felt truly alive.
Shortly after his return, he had a stream of conscious typing experience that lasted for 21 days. What flowed through him became a little book called, The Cafe on the Edge of the World. The inspirational story went on to be translated into 43 languages, win Bestseller of the Year six times, and inspire more than four million readers around the world. This despite being rejected by fifty-four publishers.

The success of that first book inspired him to continue writing, including numerous cafe sequels, Life Safari (which is in part based on his travels in Africa), The Big Five for Life series, and many more.


Swatti Mandela (SZ)
Entrepreneur & Humanitarian, International Speaker

Zamaswazi Dlamini-Mandela is the granddaughter of Nelson and Winnie Mandela. She is the daughter of Prince Thumbuzani and Princess Zenani Mandela, currently the Ambassador to South Korea.
She has a background in Public Relations and holds a degree in PR and Marketing. After a lengthy career in Public Relations Swati moved to the fashion and retail industry, heading up the press office for House of Busby and managing the business strategy and direction of international brands such as Mango and Claire’s. In 2017 Swati debuted a luxury fashion collection, a collaboration with bespoke suit maker Roi Kaskar.

Zamaswazi Dlamini-Mandela co-authored the autobiography 491 Days with the Nelson Mandela Foundation about her grandmother and co-produced a documentary about the life of Winnie Mandela. She recently participated in the publishing of The Prison Letters of Nelson Mandela. She has also been providing management consulting services to numerous companies in the transport and infrastructure sector.

In addition, Zamaswazi is a Co-Founder of the Long Walk to Freedom Brand and Founding Partner of Qunu Workforce, South Africa’s leading consultancy creating equality in the workforce for those living with disabilities. She has been a spokesperson for 21 Icons project, a visual celebration of South Africa’s most iconic people capturing human achievement through photography, film and narratives. She is a humanitarian and international speaker whom is passionate about her fundraising endeavours and sharing thoughts on women driving transformation and unlocking economic and social development in Africa


DIDI WONG (USA), Hollywood Film & TV Producer, Investor & Serial Entrepreneur

Born in Hong Kong, raised in England and now residing in Los Angeles, Didi Wong is an Award-Winning International Keynote Speaker, Angel Investor, Hollywood Film & TV Producer/ Financier, Speaking Mentor, Best-Selling Author, and UN Goodwill Ambassador.
She was given the highest level award of “Women of the Decade for Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital” from the Women Economic Forum as well as an award of Achievements, Recognition and Excellence by the National Council of Women from the Egyptian Government. She has also been honoured to speak at the Global Entrepreneurship Initiative and the International Youth Organization at the United Nations and she was the resident speaker on the Think and Grow Rich Legacy World Tour.

She has funded, executive produced and worked alongside the likes of Larry King, Robert Kiyosaki of „Rich Dad, Poor Dad“ and currently developing Academy Award contenders with Hollywood’s elite filmmakers, writers and producers. She was the lead in a feature documentary on her journey as a speaker called „Impact“ that has won multiple major film festivals globally including the Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas and Belgium Film Festivals for “Best inspirational film”. The film was also nominated at the Sydney Film Festival and the Tokyo Film Festival.
Didi was given the Certificate of Recognition by Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles for helping women entrepreneurs succeed. Oprah Magazine calls her a „Woman Who Mean Business.“ In the Fall 2021, she will be knighted as „Lady Didi Wong“ where she will join the Royal Order of Constantine the Great and St. Helen of Spain to further the Royal initiatives both domestically and internationally.

Her company The Yes Academy is LA’s Premiere Entrepreneurial Mentorship Program where she educates her clients hands on with their skills in speaking, pitching, networking, PR & marketing as well as investing. She loves to teach and to contribute to other people’s success.

Philanthropically, she was chosen to be one of twelve “Apostles” in the world to personally help His Holiness Pope Francis with his Foundation “Scholas Occurentes” with its expansion into the U.S. She is a Parent Council in the Obstetrics and Post-Partum department at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Beverly Hills. She is the President of the Women Economic Forum Los Angeles and she is on the Executive Board of Advisors for multiple companies dedicated to better the world. She is a Goodwill Ambassador for the Arts & Culture Without Borders Foundation, a United Nations Civil Society out of Madrid and last but not least, she is also an Ambassador for the Andrea Bocelli Foundation in Italy.

Her superpowers lie in managing her four children under the age of ten, including a set of identical girl twins and all her projects, speaking engagements, clients and investments, always with a smile on her face.


Giuseppe Stigliano (IT), Global CEO Spring Studios London

Giuseppe Stigliano is a thought leader and inspiring keynote speaker on Leadership, Digital Transformation, Marketing, Communication and Corporate Innovation.
He is an entrepreneurial manager, author and adjunct professor with 20 years of international experience in Marketing and Communication services.He is the global CEO at Spring Sudios, an innovative agency creating communication for fashion, beauty, lifestyle and luxury brands. In his role, he coordinates a team of 200+ talents in London, New York, and Milan.
Prior to this role he served as CEO of Wunderman Thompson Italy – a global marketing and advertising agency with 200 of offices all over the world, and as Executive Director Europe at AKQA.
He co-founded two start-ups and earned a Ph.D. degree in Marketing and Economics.
He also serves as an Adjunct Professor of Retail Marketing and Entrepreneurship & innovation at several international universities and enjoys mentoring talented young entrepreneurs.

In 2018 he had the privilege to be co-author with the internationally renowned marketing expert Philip Kotler of the business publication: Retail 4.0 | 10 Guiding Principles for the Digital Age. The book has been / will be published in Italian, Spanish, English, Japanese and Korean.

Giuseppe is a prolific public speaker. He regularly gives talks for leading brands and events. The main topics he covers are digital transformation, customer experience, retail marketing and business innovation. Giuseppe has a style of presentation that combines the effectiveness and the typical involvement of TED Talks with the informative skill of a university professor.


Raffael Fitz (DE) – CEO WABIO Technologie

Rapahel Fitz and his company WABIO has a mission. His mission is a journey from waste to green end environmental-friendly energy to make the world a better place for our children.

The CEO of WABIO Technologie GmbH, Raphael L. T. Fitz, has involved himself in the waste-to-green-energy industry when his second daughter was born and he realized that the world is destroying itself and will drown in waste – if mankind does not start immediately doing something against this dramatical development. Together with the genious engineer Dr. Jochen Auerbach, being the „father“ of the technology WABIO is pursuing its way forward to fight for a greener and cleaner future!

Fighting the global warming and the climate change is the most important goal on earth, because otherwise, the world will change to a very unpleasant place to live on – if life still is possible!

Wabio has been developing in its own labs and together with many university partners over the past 30+ years biotechnological process solutions to be able to improve the efficiency of biogas generation and simultaneously take into account all mutual environmental aspects to reduce any negative impact or emission into the environment as much as possible.

Wabio has thus looked at all types of industrial, agricultural, and society types of waste to develop solutions for an efficient and environmental friendly conversion to renewable energy!



Pick one of our workshops and enjoy up to 120 minutes deep dive into a topic, ask whatever you like and learn from the best. Each workshop is limited to 30 participants max. You can register for your favorite workshop during lunch on Friday, May 8th.

Workshop 1
with Sasha Lund (CY), Founder Core Values Consulting, Family Office Relations, Podcast Host of Legacy Talks with Sasha Lund, Serial Entrepreneur

Having dedicated my life to legacy building, my passion to offer world class family business advice and counsel is paramount to my family heritage and my future ambitions.

Known as a Forbes-featured international business leader, keynote speaker and serial entrepreneur, I started my own company, Core Values Consulting, advising a range of multi-generational HNWI families on their succession planning, family governance and legacy milestones to secure healthy generational continuity and longevity.

Having worked with a range of Family Offices and clients from early stage startups to industry giants in sports, technology, pharma, government and entertainment, I have delivered a diverse set of true value-add customised programmes. These include Family Office Retreats, Family Meeting Moderation and PR events planning, all across five continents and all while communicating fluently in seven languages.

Over a year ago, I met Healthy Pleasure Group (HPG), the global outfit dedicated to Sexual Health and Technology (SH&T), and started working as Chief Strategy Officer – Investment to establish a share of future wellness and help develop robust and meaningful market share across the Group’s multi-revenue global ecosystem. My goal at HPG is to contribute and shape the burgeoning SH&T industry by building a future-proof economy to bring not only education and innovation but investment in an underserved and often overlooked multi-billion dollar industry.

I am currently co-curating a curriculum at RCC Harvard executive program on Leading a Conscious Family Business Course and proudly hold the position of Co-Founder, VP & Editor-in-Chief of Diplomatic World Media.

As a female business voice who believes in change for good, I am a NEXUS Global network member and serve as Senator for the World Business Angels Forum, an organisation that is committed to empower world economic development. I am also the Europe Ambassador for Masters of AI, Founding Member of Family Hippocampus and proudly Founder of The Legacy Circle, a purpose-built business that navigates the complexities of intergenerational wealth.


with RENU BAKSHI (CAN) – Media Trainer & Crisis Communication Expert

At the start of the pandemic, a client said to me, “This is your time.”
While I wish my time as a crisis manager was under different circumstances, I’ve seized the opportunity to help executives and organizations mobilize quickly, manage fear, and mitigate damage, so they can :

• recover from this unprecedented crisis .. and future-proof their business
• communicate effectively
• demonstrate leadership

My COVID19 clients include BC’s first responders – ambulance paramedics who are managing the crisis on the front line, while communicating with the public, patients, and media through significant challenges. Beyond the pandemic, I’m working with clients on future crisis planning to help correct vulnerabilities. Like an earthquake, the difference between crisis and disaster is preparedness.
Unlike general public relations, crisis management requires a special mindset and skill set where you use your head, your heart, and your gut. I’m grateful that my skills, instinct and experience have helped me become one of Canada’s authorities on:

• media training and message development (virtual & in person)
• strategic crisis communications
• major press conferences & press releases

One thing to know about my media training is that it is a ‚catch-all‘ term. My boot camp will help you across all your communication, including presentations, speeches, stakeholder engagement, and other business interactions. I will teach you my secret formula to draft messages that will influence people and outcomes.
I focus on long-term leadership and messages that matter – not spin – and that’s why global companies and top executives trust me. My clients have included brands like Arc’teryx and Credit Suisse Asset Management (Switzerland), and YPO executives who lead companies in various industries, including tech, real estate, and private equity.


Olga Miler

Workshop 3
Olga Miller (CH), Fintech-Entrepreneur, Partner – Smart Purse
Dr. Lidia Kurt-Bolla (CH), Co-Founder – vision&

Over the past 10 years, Olga Miler and her business parter at Smart Purse, Jude, have built one of the largest global communities of women and have transformed many financial services companies. After talking to thousands of women, they learned that there is no safe and welcoming space for women to discuss the money questions impacting their lives and to get practical help.

With a team of global thought leaders specialising in gender equality and finance, they set out to change that – to revolutionise the way women discuss and plan their money.
Olga Miler is an award-winning innovation architect and marketing executive. UBS, PwC, Nestle, Olga is start-up experienced and developed an UBS award-winning programme for women.
„I am an economist and marketing expert, raised in a family of entrepreneurs with a mindset of turning ideas into something that benefits everyone.

My career includes senior roles in three blue chips and over 15 years of experience in the financial industry. I have developed innovations in over 15 countries and have been recognized with various awards for doing so.“

Dr. Lidia Kurt-Bolla

Dr. Lidia Kurt-Bolla has extensive experience in the intersection of traditional finance with new technologies. Since establishing vision& in 2017, she accompanied several digital asset and tokenization projects. Among others, she was involved in the successful launch of CROWDLITOKEN.
Previously, she was the managing partner of a consulting boutique for quantitative finance and has worked for J.P. Morgan and Swiss Re in Zurich, London and Hong Kong. Lidia graduated from the University of St. Gallen with a PhD in asset management.
Although loving to tackle the challenges of the financial world, Lidia’s actual happy place are technologies – during coding she regularly looses track of time.


Dr. Fabienne E. Meier

„What prevents women from breaking through the glass ceiling and getting a position on an Executive Board or Board of Directors?“
Dr. Fabienne Meier (CH) Partner Knight Gianella & Partner AG
Dr. Daniela Haze Stöckli (CH) Partner, mindyourstep GmbH

The glass ceiling of Swiss listed and large unlisted companies is very hard to break through. Why is it like this? The Knight Gianella BoD survey shows what the inhib-iting factors are that slow down the establishment of gender diversity, and what measures are needed to make progress in Switzerland. The actual Knight Gianella BoD survey was conducted in October 2021 together with the International Institute for Management Development IMD in Lausanne, one of the best business schools in the world, according to rankings by the Financial Times, The Economist, Bloomberg, Forbes and other publications. With a very high response rate of over 29.8% of the 705 BoD members surveyed, and a steady percentage of female BoD members at 24%, the results can be considered representative.
In the workshop, the participants will be shown what is needed to break through the glass ceiling and what an ideal career looks like. In particular, they will be shown how to position themselves correctly and how to proceed in order to increase their real chance of getting a position on an executive board or BoD.
The participants of the workshop will be asked in the live voting what their specific needs are and where they would like to get support from companies. Fabienne Meier and Daniela Haze will answer the questions of the participants from the Executive Search and Career Sparring point of view.

Dr. Daniela Haze Stoeckli

Dr. Fabienne E. Meier is a partner at Knight Gianella & Partner AG in Zollikon / Zurich, specialising in direct search, evaluation and consulting for top executives, CEOs and board members. She holds a doctorate in business administration from the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and initially worked for Unilever and Hilti. From 2014 to 2017, she was head of the ZfU Board Academy, where she trained top executives and obtained a Master of Corporate Board. Most recently, Fabienne Meier was a member of the executive board of a strategy consultancy with a focus on corporate governance and transformation.

Dr. Daniela Haze Stoeckli is a partner at mindyourstep GmbH, specialising in executive & career sparring for top female executives and skills management along value chains in the financial services industry. She completed her doctorate at the Banking Institute of the University of Zurich on the topic of multichannel banking. Daniela Haze Stoeckli has many years of experience in transformation projects at banks and knows how to actively steer performance as a member of management boards and as a successful entrepreneur. Most recently, Daniela Haze Stoeckli was a member of the Executive Board at the Swiss Insurance Association and promoted topics such as ‚Future Skills‘ and the establishment of a ‚Women In-surance Network‘ in Switzerland for the insurance industry.

LEARN MORE ABOUT Fabienne and Daniela: